• GMReis was founded in 1989, by Geraldo Marins dos Reis Jr, Master in Biomedical Engineering from Unicamp (State University of Campinas). His personal involvement in developing an electromagnetic stimulation device for bone regeneration, while still a scientific initiation student with a project promoted by CNPq, was the catalyst for the entire structure that GMReis presents today. Initially, he dedicated himself to the production of implants for knee and shoulder ligament reconstruction, which were unprecedented in Brazil (e.g., anchors and interference screws).

  • In 1995, the company expanded its product line in order to become a pioneer and the most innovative in the area of ​​spine surgery, since, at the moment, there were only imported products available in the country. Currently, GMReis is proud to offer the national and international market one of the most complete product lines for spine surgery.

  • In 1999, GMReis was the first orthopedic implant company to have its products and its Quality Management System certified by the European Notifying Body, in accordance with the European Medical Directive 93/42 EC and requirements of ISO 13485, respectively. The company, with a focus on growth, invested in the production line of metallic implants and in the implementation of a new modality of products: Biological Solutions for bone regeneration.

  • Since 2000, developments in the areas of Tissue Engineering and Nanotechnology have focused on the search for biological solutions, aiming at tissue regeneration. To accompany this new biotechnological era, the company structured its multidisciplinary Research and Development group, composed of PhDs in Cell Biology, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Technologists specialized in implants. The Departments of Biomaterials and Cell Therapy were created. The entrepreneurial vision positioned GMReis as a private institution in Brazil that pioneered the investment in research on biological products for the clinical application of autologous chondrocyte implantation.

  • As of 2003, the research, development and manufacturing processes were certified according to the requirements of Anvisa's Good Manufacturing Practices, which provided, in 2004, the first GMReis GMP certificate. The requirements set out in the standard aim to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical products, and obtaining the certificate referring to RDC 16/2013 demonstrates the company's continuous commitment to the final consumer.

  • In 2005, GMReis launched the first system of small and large fragments of blocked plates and screws, becoming a national reference.

  • In 2010, GMReis introduced PLLA's bioresorbable anchors to its customers, after a long period of technological research and development, becoming the first national industry to hold this technology.

  • Launch of the first system of plates and screws for foot bones with variable angle locking, a technology previously only available in imported products.

  • The launch of the system of locked plates and screws with variable angle - distal radius and ulna (mini fragments) - marked the year 2016.

  • GMReis introduces on the market flexible fixatives for the treatment of several ligament injuries that accelerate the rehabilitation of patients, becoming a pioneer in the manufacture of these systems in Brazil.

  • GMReis starts investments in research and development of various technologies, such as bioglass to fight infections, high viscosity cement for osteoporosis treatment and diagnostic arthroscopy in the office.
    GMReis obtained its second FDA approval of its universal fixation system blocked by variable distal radio angle.